ARC Electrical Power System


CDH boardThe majority of the ARC subsystems are manufactured within the Space Systems Engineering Programs laboratory. The only exception is the Electrical Power System (EPS). The primary function of this subsystem is to control all electrical power sources on the satellite. This includes taking solar power from the solar cells and converting it to usable electrical power. This is done using an array of battery charge regulators that ensure the batteries on ARC2 last for the entire mission duration. Additionally, the device is tasked with using battery power and solar power in concert with one another.


The specific device used is the Clyde 3rd Generation 1U Electrical Power System (EPS). It has the capabilities to run a full diagnostic on itself then send that data back to the Student Ground Station. This aids in the development of future CubeSat missions because it allows for the complete modelling of the conditions the satellite encounters while in orbit. Data taken includes voltage on each of the power lines, voltage from parallel solar cells, current from individual cells, and the temperature of the batteries. The latter is an incredibly important point of reference because if the batteries get too cold then they lose charge, possibly compromising the entire mission. To combat this, Clyde installed onboard heaters to the battery board.